Handset & Tablet Recycling

Non-working phones

Will buy non-working phones

If your phone is damaged, unlike other mobile phone recyclers who pay more for the phones they want, Phone Recycle Bank will offer you a flat rate price of 30% of the phones recycled value. In the event that your phone is damaged, check how much we'll give you for a fully working mobile using the steps below.

non working phones

What condition must my device be in?


  • In full working order
  • Must turn on and off
  • Screen must be working and intact
  • Must include a battery and battery cover
  • Must not be crushed or water-damaged


  • Does not power up
  • No battery or battery cover present
  • Operating system missing, damaged or corrupt
  • Faulty keypad
  • Badly damaged casing
  • Screen faulty or broken
  • SIM gate broken or missing
  • Memory card holder broken or missing
  • PIN locked
  • Must not be crushed or broken in more than one piece
  • Must not present any of the conditions listed in the "Fails to meet requirements" list

Fails to meet requirements

  • Physically broken in more than one piece
  • Broken/cracked/snapped hinges
  • SIM and/or Memory card glued in
  • Liquid ingress/Water damage
  • Bent circuit board (a hint would be if the phone is bent at an odd angle and shows signs of having been bent & re-straightened)
  • Non genuine product (clones or fake phones)
  • Not UK handset (foreign specification or SIM-locked to a foreign network)
  • Missing or damaged IMEI label
  • Blacklisted by CheckMEND (a check is performed when the device is added to basket and upon recepit)